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Seeds of Grace Midwifery llc

Serving the Longview and the surrounding areas offering home and birth center births


Why choose a midwife?

Midwife translates “with woman”. Birth is a small part of what midwifery is.

    Midwifery is:

  • Taking the time to listen to you. Hearing you and understanding your unique story. 

  • Building a plan together for a healthy pregnancy and birth

  • Nourishing a relationship and that doesn't happen in 10 minute appointments

  • Education for us. We endeavor to continually advance our skills and knowledge.

  • Education for you. Classes, nutrition counseling, reading recommendations and advise on herbs, homeopathy, exercise and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy and beyond

  • Understanding that birth is a family affair. Siblings are welcome. Dads are a vital part of this season of life.

  • Evidence-based care

  • Monitoring you and baby in pregnancy and birth with the goal of a safe low-risk birth out of hospital

  • Relationship. This is the foundation of our care. Trust comes from a relationship and midwifery builds bonds with women that last a lifetime. 

 We want to love on moms, dads, babies and families in a way that glorifies God and treats every person as unique, valuable, and cared for in a way that regardless of where you birth, you will experience the midwifery difference. 

Portia offers placenta encapsulation and/or tincture to all birthing mothers in and out of the hospital. She serves Henderson, Longview, Nacogdoches, Tyler and all the surrounding areas. Click below for more information and to find out about the benefits of these services. 

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