Our Longview birth center is located two blocks from our Christus Good Shepherd hospital. It takes us about 60 seconds to go from our driveway to theirs. We have had great transfers to this hospital with an overall atmosphere that is very supportive of our clients. This makes for an less stressful transfer and better experience for mom and baby! They have the best doctors, midwives and nurses that support parent choice, respectful care and if in the chance it is needed a NICU.
We are in love with the new birth center and the room we have. We have plans in the future to improve it even more. Stay tuned for more and better pictures in the future
Waiting Room
Waiting room!
Shabby Chic Purple room
This is our backup birth room. We plan to have a full bath added to this within the next year.
Main birth room
This is large room with a birth tub in it and a couch. Roomy and comfortable
Seating area in the prenatal room
Across from the day bed. We also have a dresser with a baby scale.
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