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My philosophy

Midwife translates “with woman”. That is my goal: to be with you through your decisions, your care and your birth. I want to support, counsel and encourage you and your family. I believe in evidence based care that we work together as a team to develop for your pregnancy and birth care. I am natural minded with a passion in nutrition, herbs, essential oils and other lifestyle choices to optimize your health. I monitor you throughout pregnancy and labor to assess that out of hospital birth is a good choice for you and your baby. 

Birth is a family affair. I love to have siblings attend appointments and feel a part of the whole process whether it is just running to play with our measuring tapes or helping to find baby's heartbeat. One client's child called our office the "Heartbeat House". I love that name!  Children are welcome at birth. Though we recommend preparing your child and having someone there just for the care and comfort of your child/ren and removal from the birth atmosphere if needed. We loved dads involved as much as possible, including catching the baby. Dads are vital to moms in labor and just their presence has a calming effect. Loving moms, dads, babies and families in a way that glorifies God is my passion and calling. 

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Home Births & Birth Center Births

Prenatal visits are monthly until 28 weeks, bimonthly until 36 weeks and then weekly until the baby is born.  Care is continued until 6 weeks postpartum for mom and baby.

Standard labs, assistant fees, birth kit, fetal and maternal monitoring, nutritional and breastfeeding counseling are included. We have an sonographer that does ultrasounds in office every other week and can order local ultrasounds as well. 

Currently office visits are done at the Longview or Henderson. I do a 2-day post-partum visit in your Texas home. I am not licensed in Louisiana and cannot provide care within the state.

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Free Consultation

We always have free consultations so you can ask all your questions, meet the staff and see if out of hospital birth is a good fit for you!


We offer classes at our birth center for  prenatal, birth, post partum and lactation support. Most classes are available to anyone, not just Seeds of Grace Midwifery clients.  You can like our facebook page to follow updates. 

Fees and Insurance


check your insurance to see what your insurance covers. She will ask all the right questions and find out deductible and co-pay. Many times our cash price is cheaper than deductibles and insurance co-pays at a hospital. 

Sorry at this time, Medicaid & TriCare will not cover our services. 


Placenta Encapsulation & Tincture

We offer Encapsulation and Tincture options. 

To view the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation please view our blog post 


Placenta encapsulation is $250

Encapsulation & Tincture is $300

Capsules are ready in 2-5 days. 

Tinctures ready in 6 week available for pickup in Henderson or Longview. Will deliver for an extra fee. 

Additional $50 for driving with 2 hours

$50 discount for all Seeds of Grace Midwifery Clients

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