Kristin Green,CPM, LM

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Kristin was licensed in January of 2015 after finishing an apprenticeship that she started November of 2011 at Labor of Love in Tyler, TX. 

She has a passion for nutrition and natural care. It is our job to help you care for yourself with evidence based advice which leads to overall better health. 

She loves family involvement and witnessing dad catch his own baby! 

She stays busy with 8 kids (3 grown) and a grandson, homeschooling, church and has found audible is a great way to make up the lost days of having time to read. Coffee is essential. 

She primarily takes new clients in her Henderson office for appointments, but will deliver homebirths in about a 45 minutes range which includes Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, Carthage, and surrounding areas. She will also offer birth center births for clients that come to the Henderson office. 


Diane Dreier,CPM, LM

My name is Diane Dreier and I am a NARM Certified Professional Midwife and a licensed midwife in the state of Texas.   I received my education in the ATM Midwifery Program and completed my training in 2007.

I have five children, two of which were born at home with a midwife.  The main reason I became a midwife was to help women and give them the same kind of wonderful care that I received from my midwife.  


I believe that birth, when properly prepared for, is a natural, normal process that needs little outside interference.  My goal is to make sure that I give my clients good care and the information that they need to make wise, informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth.  I cannot guarantee a perfect birth and I don't know anyone who can, but there are many things that can be done prenatally to help prevent problems and to address them when they arise.  I want to work closely with my clients to help them have the best birth possible.

Diane also has an office in Pittsurg,TX , as well as seeing clients at the Longview birth center. She lives in Gilmer and will attend homebirths in an hour radius and at the Longview birth center.

Bri licensed in March, 2021 and has already attended over a 100 births. "I have been grateful and blessed to train under both Diane Dreier and Kristin Green.


I and my 7 siblings were all born at home and growing up I developed a deep love and fascination for birth and motherhood. I knew I wanted to be a midwife since I was 16 and love being able to serve mothers and babies through this calling. 

I believe that a good midwife is birth insurance; providing assurance, information, and monitoring to ensure safety for the mother and baby when birth is normal; and intervening only when indicated and necessary for truly evidence based care."  


Bri lives in Pittsburg, TX and sees clients in the Pittsburg office, as well as at the Longview birth center.



Gabriella Gunter LM, CPM

She is from Pittsburg, Texas.

I was first exposed to midwifery when I was 3 years old, when my mom chose a midwife and homebirth for her fifth pregnancy. I felt God’s call on my life to midwifery at the age of 17, at a medical missions’ conference. In 2005, I attended my niece’s homebirth with a local midwife, and felt God’s call again on my heart.


I joined the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program, and began my midwifery apprenticeship in April 2008 at a busy freestanding birth center here in East Texas. After completing all requirements for licensure by the North American Registry of Midwives, I became a Licensed Midwife by the state of Texas, and also became a Certified Professional Midwife, in 2011.

I began my own home birth practice, and continued working for the birth center. I left the birth center in August of 2014, after giving birth to my first child. I still have my own home birth practice based out of Pittsburg, Texas, and am thrilled to be part of the Seeds of Grace team!


I believe that birth is a normal physiological process. Birth is not a disease or an illness that requires medical treatment, as long as the woman is healthy, and pregnancy remains low-risk. I also believe that in most cases, it requires little to no intervention. My goal is to provide evidenced based care, and share the best information with clients so that they can make informed decisions. I prefer a holistic approach to midwifery, and with my family.


Sarah Friberg LM,CPM

Portia runs the front office magic and usually the first voice you hear when you call Seeds of Grace Midwifery when you book your first visit. We are grateful for her keeping things running smoothly. 

Training to be a midwife for 3 years, Portia is a well-trained birth assistant and occasionally will step in and help at births. 

If you are interested in placenta encapsulation or tincture, she is the woman you need to see. 


Portia Green