Kristin Green,CPM, LM

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Kristin was licensed in January of 2015 after finishing an apprenticeship that she started November of 2011 at Labor of Love in Tyler, TX. She lives in Henderson, TX. She has attended over 400 births and counting!

She has a passion for nutrition and natural care. It is my job to help you care for yourself with evidence-based advice which leads to overall better health. 

She loves family involvement and witnessing dad catch his own baby! 

She stays busy with 8 kids (3 grown) and a grandson, homeschooling, church and has found audible is a great way to make up the lost days of having time to read. Coffee is essential. 

She takes new clients in her Henderson office and Longview office for appointments, but will attend births at the birth center and homebirths in about a 45 minutes range which includes Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, Carthage, Arp, Hallsville, Marshall, Longview (though I prefer middle and south of Longview- if you live north Longview and want Longview appointments, consider Gabriella Gunter) and surrounding areas. 


Portia Green
Placenta by Portia

Portia runs the front office magic and is usually the first voice you hear when you call Seeds of Grace Midwifery when you book your first visit. I am grateful for her keeping things running smoothly. 

Training to be a midwife for 3 years, Portia is a well-trained birth assistant and occasionally will step in and help at births. 

If you are interested in placenta encapsulation or tincture, she is the woman you need to see. Because she understands the benefits of having your pills quickly, if there you no unforeseen events she will have them to you by 2-3 days. 

Wanting to get in touch with a midwife from our previous Community Group??

Gabriella Gunter, CPM LM
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Births within an hour of Cason and at the birth center 

Sarah Friberg CPM, LM
Only sees clients in Pittsburg office for appointments
Births within an hour of Pittsburg and at the birth center
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Diane Dreier, CPM, LM

Has an office and birth center in Mt Pleasant
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