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Health is a heart attitude

"We cannot create health, any more than we can do anything apart form the grace of God. When we eat grains, and natural meats, fruits, and vegetables, we are not creating health; we are obeying God's command to be stewards of His creation. He can choose to bless us with a body free from disease, or choose to allow disease for the sake of His glory, as He did with Job, and Paul and countless others through the ages. " - Shonda Parker For many years, I really struggled with trying to find the perfect healthy lifestyle. I struggled even harder trying to live it!! As I truly began to understand what it meant to be living for God's glory and that He is sovereign over all, I began to find peace. There is freedom in making healthy choices so that my family may live a fuller life, but not being enslaved to those choices. I find joy in serving my family well. I find contentment in knowing they are eating well and living in a home where we try to make good healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically decisions. However, it can be idolatry to think those things will ultimately make us happy. What if the family, worried where next month's rent will come, has the burden of organic food placed on their food budget? Do we teach them that contentment comes from a lifestyle? Then that mother would have no hope of peace being unable to financially or physically able to provide "the best" for her family. I would counsel to cherish the family you have by doing the best you can with the time and resources you have. For each family that will look different. There is grace. Glorify God in your heart where you are. Our purpose in life is not to focus our entire lives on trying to preserve a dying body. Our purpose is that one day God will be glorified in our perfect eternal bodies. You cannot outwit God's plan for your life. He is more concerned with your heart and soul than your physical body. Yes, there are consequences for choices. If I eat a bunch of sugar, I feel horrible. If I eat MSG, I have a debilitating headache for about 24 hours. Unless God chooses to miraculously remove the consequences of my choices, I will be in bed for a day after a trip to a fried chicken MSG laden fast food restaurant. So to be a good steward of the health God has given me, I struggle through trying to find a plan that works for our family. However, health has to be a heart attitude. I need to put my food plan under God's authority. Both the Daniels and the early believers that ate meat sacrificed to idols were concerned with glorifying God. So whether it's hummus or hot dogs, find joy and peace in seeking God first. If one day cancer wrecks havoc on my body, I know it is in God's plan not because my disobedience or my lack of faith. He wills it for my benefit; to bring glory to Him and work in me a wondrous thing that in His goodness He plans for me. So live to His glory and live graciously and freely.

One: Pray. Does He want you to change anything? Maybe you could be more active, make diet changes,cut out foods or dining together as a family. Or just maybe, you have enough on your plate and God is saying, "Just let this rest and have peace in Me".

Two: Be gracious. Love others over your preferences. If you are eating healthy, a meal or two isn't going to clog your arteries and overload your liver. Shower someone with appreciation for their thoughtfulness in serving you with food. Isn't God so much more glorified when we love others? Are your food preferences building walls in relationships?

Three: Be Thankful. Look and see that God is good. Four: Release the guilt. You do not have the control over yours or your family's health ultimately. God does. Love God first. Know who He is. Teach your family who He is. That in sickness or health, He shines out of you. This is our purpose.

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

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