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But sometimes ...

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Midwives and clients, it is a special bond. You share in the hopes and dreams of birth. You can't help but envision the hard labor that you know mom will rock and the first cry and snuggling in a bed afterwards. You know things may not go as plan, but that's okay it will all be beautiful because you spun babies, ate right, read the books, watched the videos and took the classes. You bring a hospital bag, but just so you can check off a box because you won't need it. You laugh and sometimes cry together. When that client is your daughter, you are surprised how a new season of life brings even closer ties to each other's heart. You expectantly wait together for birth.

But sometimes .....

Momma labors so hard, tries all the positions and baby doesn't turn.

But sometimes.... Momma has breathed through more contractions than she thought she could, braved each wave with such poise and is just exhausted.

But sometimes ....

Dad wraps her in his arms, holds hands, whispers encouragement in her ear, kisses her gently and jerks himself awake with each moan of pain and mom still isn't progressing.

But sometimes...

The midwife struggles to find the balance between position changes, spinning baby, supporting, monitoring, exhausting mom and feeling so very inadequate and powerless.

But sometimes...

You cry together as birth is not just about the perfect birth, but a safe birth. And though you want the safe birth, it grieves you to loose the dream of the birth you hoped for.

Whom his heart loves

But sometimes ... An epidural and pitocin aren't enough.

But sometimes... You see a mom handle disappointment with such grace and endurance of faith that radiates beauty.

But sometimes... You see a young man become a father and a pillar of strength to his growing family. You watch as his servant's heart pours out as a sacrifice and whom his heart loves is evident.

But sometimes... you are blessed to witness the intimacy, preciousness and unexplainable beauty of birth. Birth that transcends the mode of delivery. It is the eagerness in the baby's first suckle, the gentleness of each caress, the shine in the parent's eyes, the melody of the coos, the unbreakable bond formed through trial. And it fills the whole room with an explosion of hope, faith and love.


I am in love with my grandson. He is perfect. I am proud of my daughter, Olivia and my son-in-love, Jacob. There is nothing you could have done to make me feel more honored and privileged to be a part of your parent christening day!

Welcome William "Asa" 9 lbs 3 oz, 20 1/4" born at 9:03 am 5/16/2021

Photo Credits: Creations Captured

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